The Glow Cafe & Juice Bar Founder Priscilla Edwards

The Glow Cafe & Juice Bar Founder Priscilla Edwards

About the glow

The Glow Cafe & Juice Bar is independently owned and operated based out of Providence Rhode Island. We are located at 389 Admiral Street right down the road from Providence College. We serve nutrient packed fresh juices, smoothies, fruit bowls and more. The Glow’s focus is simple provide delicious, nutritious, and affordable food and drink to our community!

Why glow Juice?

increase your energy

vitamins & nutrients

immunity booster

healthier hair, nails, & skin

help improve digestion


Our focus is on the power of nutrition. All too often our society suffers from illnesses and disease. Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine”, this still reigns true. Stop by and taste for yourself The motto is simple…come EAT, DRINK, and GLOW!

I wanted the Glow to be something healthy and delicious to our neighborhood. Something that would help unify and brighten our community.
— Priscilla Edwards - Founder